Did you shop at The Body Shop back in the 1980s? How about now?

In case you’ve not been out on a high street in the last 40 years, let us remind you that The Body Shop is a British cosmetics, skin care and perfume company. It was founded all the way back in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick, and currently has a range of over 1000 products in a whopping 3049 stores spread over 66 countries.

The Body Shop was owned by French company L’Oréal from 2006, but was sold to Brazilian company Natura in June 2017 for £880 million.

Although many of us still use The Body Shop products to this day, its from the 1980s that we have our most treasured Body Shop memories. Below are 10 of the products that we used to love purchasing the most, but we’re certain you’ll have your own favourites, so please do let us know what they are with a comment!

1. Remember this old style Body Shop packaging? Would you be completely honest and tell us if you still have some of these in your bathroom that you haven’t quite managed to finish yet?

2. The thing with perfumes is, they tend to last a while, especially if they’ve been left in the back of a drawer somewhere, so if you still own any of these then make sure you take a picture and post it to the comments section!

3. Fuzzy Peach was an absolute classic, but do you remember how it smelt? Fuzzy and peachy by any chance?

4. Was ‘Roma’ your perfume of choice back in the 1980s, or did you prefer using another product to get you smelling lovely?

5. Japanese Washing Grains anyone? Personally we tended to stick to soap, but we bet these were rather lovely (and expensive).

6. Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm was the only lip balm in our lives, and it gave us a lip balm addiction that still holds to this day!

7. We can’t say that we’ve sampled Red Musk personally, but we bet it smells absolutely brilliant.

8. This is the product that we remember above all else from back in the 1980s. Would we have found it in your household?

9. It was still soap, but when it was expensive, fruity ‘bath soup’ coming in all variety of colours, shapes and smells, it seemed so much more luxurious!

10. The good news is that The Body Shop still offer this ‘80s Originals’ collection, so should you wish to then you can still sample the delightful products that you enjoyed when you were growing up!

What are your memories of the Body Shop? What was your favourite thing to purchase back in ‘the day’? Please do let us know with a comment, and be sure to share this post with your fellow Body Shop loving 80s kids!