10 Things That We Truly Miss About The 80s

Sure, we have nostalgic feelings about the past but then we log in and feel great about our present lives.  However, when you look at this list you will feel more than nostalgic. In fact, you might actually miss the simple happiness that you once had and knowing that you cannot recreate it like this again might make you feel a little sad.  Here are the things we truly miss about the 80s:

1. Going To The Arcade.

This was more than just a place to play video games. We used to meet our friends here as well and spend the whole day together.

2. Wearing Watches.

We had plenty of choices and it was a great accessory to have to show off your personal interests!

3. Lunch Boxes.

Remember how cool you felt when you showed up with one of these at lunchtime?

4. Decorating Our Jean Jacket.

We were on button overload back then and it was totally acceptable.

5. Ice Cream Truck.

When we heard the music that the ice cream truck played, we were soo excited!  We couldn’t wait to get a treat!

6. Boom Boxes.

Getting the party started with one of these was super cool!

7. Molly Ringwald.

She was a kind of beauty that we all felt was natural and even attainable.  For that reason, it like she was she was the girl next door. Girls these days are too shiny and fake.

8. Easy Video Game Controller.

Admit it! It takes time to learn all of the things our new video game controllers do today.  However, back then, it was a piece of cake!

9. Bold Gestures.

These days, we struggle every time we hit ‘send’.  That’s as bold as it gets and it’s sad that nobody tries harder than that anymore.

10. Hanging Out.

Do you notice that nobody in this picture has a cell phone? Therefore, when we hung out we were forced to spend time together.  That’s how we made friends.