10 Things We Truly Miss About The 80s

This was definitely a much simpler time in our lives. Therefore, we are especially fond of everything that we were afforded because back then, we thought that this was as good as life was ever going to get! The main difference between now and then is the fact that technology has made things more accessible but back then, we mostly had to wait for everything that we wanted. Meanwhile, we still had plenty of things to occupy our time and so we don’t feel as if we missed out on anything! These are the things that we miss most about the 80s.

1. The Cartoon Express.

This is what we did. We watched cartoons on television when the network decided it was time for us to watch and they had our full attention.

2. McDonalds Cookies.

These came in all of our favorite shapes! Who wouldn’t love these?

3. Pac-Mac table game.

These were usually at the pizza places and we would fight over who gets to sit at this table so that we could play while we ate.

4. Jungle Gyms.

Yes, we often risked our lives on one of these. Basically, don’t ever mess with an 80s kid!

5. Highlights for Children Magazines.

Parents thought that they were informative and we thought that they were fun so, everybody wins!

6. Collecting these wrappers.

The legend was that if we found a wrapper with a star and indian on it, then we got a free Tootie


7. Mr. Wizard’s World.

Every kid wanted to be a part of this show!

8. Lite-Brite.

Showing off your creative talents in lights!

9. Kay-Bee Toy Store.

We all got a few hundred toys from this store during our childhood!

10. Game Books.

These books came in handy during long road trips. We spent hours filling up the pages and playing the games.