10 Things That Made 80s Girls Look Really Cool

10 Things That Made 80s Girls Look Really Cool

We’re well aware that some fashions come in cycles, and we’re delighted to see a number of 80s looks cropping up over 3 decades later! But there are still some items that could only have looked good in the greatest decade there ever was, and below are 10 things that made 80s girls look really cool. Be sure to post a comment letting us know how many of the following items you remember, how many actually owned, and which you would like to see make a return!

1. Swatch Watches

Coming in a variety of styles and colours, Swatch Watches were on the wrist of many a cool 80s girl.

Everyone had their own favourite design, but can you remember what yours looked like?

2. Candy Cigarette Sticks

Be honest, at some time in your life you pretended to ‘smoke’ Candy Cigarette Sticks because you thought it made you look really cool didn’t you?

Don’t feel embarrassed, because we did exactly the same, and whilst they weren’t doing any damage to our lungs, our teeth weren’t quite so lucky!

3. Pink Ghetto Blasters

Long before the days of mp3 players were Ghetto Blasters, and whilst they may have been large and heavy, we just didn’t know any different.

And we don’t know about you, but we weren’t happy with anything but a bright pink Ghetto Blaster, to compliment our already bright pink bedroom!

4. Shell Suits

An item of clothing that we hope and pray will never come back into fashion are Shell Suits.

Despite what we though back in the 1980s they didn’t make any of us look cool, and not only that, but they were a serious fire hazard!

5. Get In Shape Girl Kits

Who remembers owning a Get in Shape Girl kit? They came with a keep fit item and a cassette tape to guide our aerobic efforts.

How we must have looked jumping around our bedroom or living room we don’t know, but we definitely thought that we look totally amazing!

6. Portable CD Players

These days kids can store their entire music collection on their mobile phone, but during the early 90s we were happy to be seen with a chunky Portable CD Player.

They could barely fit into our pocket (despite our best efforts), but if it meant that we could listen to our favourite album wherever we went then we really didn’t care.

7. Bum Bags

Known as ‘Fanny Packs’ by our American cousins, Bum Bags may have been useful for storing items, but they made us all look absolutely ridiculous.