10 Things From The Past That You’ll Never See Again

Times have changed and these pictures will prove it.  They represent an age when anything goes and some things were easily accepted.  Since then, there have been plenty of changes in our morals and technologies that have since propelled us into a better life.  For that reason, you will never see any of these things again.

1. Smoking Ad.

These ads were in every magazine.  They made smoking look cool and they decided that it was wrong to make smoking look this good.

2. Bubble Gum Cigarettes.

When you blew into one, smoke came out.  Eventually, they decided that it was wrong to do this.

3. Blockbuster Video.

These video stores are long gone. Nobody rents videos these days.

4. Drive Thru Fotomat.

Back in the day we used to have our film developed and this was the most convenient way to do this.  Now, we have gone digital.

5. A Rotary Push Mower.

Since gasoline dominates the world now, there’s no way we will ever use these to cut lawns ever again.

6. Be Kind Rewind.

Back when we were renting videos, we often forgot to rewind them which was really inconvenient for the next person.  Now, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

7. The Brick Cell Phone.

This was the first hand-held cell phone on the market and now we have phones that are much better than these.

8. Rotary Dial Pay Phone.

If you couldn’t afford a cell phone, you had to use one of these. Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone.

9. Rabbit Ears.

These died the day our TV’s went digital.

10. Cigarette Dispensers.

These used to be located in lobbies, airports, restaurants, you name it! Finally, they decided that it made it easier for kids to get their hands on a pack. So, they disappeared.