10 Things That Your Parents Bought You Just For Fun!

We often received really cool Christmas and birthday presents from our parents but there were also those times when they bought us something just for fun. Perhaps you were on vacation or you simply pointed it out in a store or gift shop only to find it in your room a week later.  These items were not the kinds of ‘big ticket’ things that we coveted but we were always glad to receive them just the same.  Take a look at this list and see if you had any of these fun things as a child:

1. Dancing Flower.

This was just so much fun to watch. Until the batteries died down.

2. Dancing Coke Can.

If you were a cola-cola fan then this was a must have!

3. Sticky Hand.

This was probably bought for you at a pizza parlor from a machine. Or else, you got this at a birthday party. Either way, we all had one.

4. Lucky Rabbit’s Foot.

We had these in every color and dangled them from everything we owned from backpacks to key rings.

5. Fiber Optic Flower Light.

This was the most beautiful light that we have ever seen and having one was fun to watch.

6. Clackers.

These were noisy, they served no purpose and yet we all had one.

7. Plastic fingertips/nails.

We used to put these on to see what our hands would look like if we were all grown up.

8. Echo Mic.

These were not really meant to amplify your voice but it did add a cool echo that was fun to sing with.

9. Glow in the dark Stars.

These were fun to look at when you were falling asleep at night.

10. Pin Art.

This just felt weird and yet making shapes with it was so much fun.