11 Things We Loved To Do As Kids In The 80s

Childhood would not be complete if we didn’t have these things and moments in our lives because they are what truly define those years and we are thankful for it! We cannot imagine our young lives without it. Take a look at all of the great things we loved to do as kids:

1. Playground.

We spent every recess outside on the playground and many of us went there after school and on the weekends as well.

2. Birthday parties.

These could happen anywhere. In someone’s home or even out at McDonald’s!

3. Play games.

Especially if they were cool games like this one!  It was just like ‘Battleship’ only better!

4. Read books.

We had plenty of books to choose from and it seemed like we did a lot of reading on our time off from school. More so than today’s kids do.

5. PBS.

We watched everything that this channel provided for kids.  This is probably the LAST channel that kids today would watch.

6. Bake a cake with friends.

Especially if we were allowed to decorate it ourselves!  This cake would’ve made moms everywhere proud!

7. Imagine.

We spent a lot of our childhoods imagining that these cool things would happen to us.

8. Ride bikes.

This is how we traveled to each other’s homes and explored the world.  Riding bikes was the ultimate in freedom.

9. Foosball.

This game was popular on the TV show ‘Friends’ when Joey and Chandler had one in their apartment. As a kid, we all played this game.

10. Heads-up Seven-up.

This is what we did in class in order to be chosen to do something special.

11. Magazines.

It was awesome when we had our own subscription to our own magazines!  This is a great example.