10 Things Found in an 80s Bathroom

We had some of the coolest things in our bathroom when we were kids. As kids, we would have fun in the bathroom but now as adults, it’s just a room we take care of business. Did you have these things in your bathroom?

1. Soap On A Rope

You could find these in just about any shape possible.

2. Matey Bubble Bath

Did you get a bottle of this every Christmas?

3. Soap

Before there was liquid hand wash we used these bars of soap.

4. Avon Bubble Bath

All of our Nans had one of these.

5. Character Bubble Bath

This was another one we got for Christmas. These we enjoyed receiving.

6. Coordinating Bath Room Sets

This was how we kept our toilets warm before central heat was around.

7. Vosene

The smell alone will take you right back 30 years ago.

8. Colorful Bath Towels

Did you have one?

9. Toilet Roll Holder

We had to bring this one up.

10. Coloured Toilet Roll

This was a time when you could get toilet paper that matched your bathroom set.