10 Things You Would Find In an 80s Girl’s Bedroom

Our bedroom was our place of refuge as a kid. It was where we put anything that meant something to us and that’s kinda how we decorated our room. Girls had a particular way that they wanted their room set up and there were certain things that if they grew up in to 80s would most likely have in their room somewhere. So here is a list of things you would probably find in your room as a girl in the 80s.

1. Pierrot Bedding Set

In the 80s this bed set was very popular.

2. Care Bear Wallpaper

Who didn’t love the Care Bears in the 80s?

3. Keypers

This is where you kept all of your secret items.

4. Stereo Radio Cassette

Life just wasn’t the same without this in our life.

5. Tinkerbell Make Up

This was the only makeup we were allowed to wear.

6. Banana Clips

This was the fastest stylish was to put your hair up.

7. L’Enfant Poster

This was one of the best selling posters of the 80s.

8. Sweet Valley High Books

What girl didn’t enjoy reading this?

9. Rainbow Brite

Were you a Rainbow Brite Fan?

10. Smash Hits Magazine

Every teen loved reading these magazines!