10 Things Every 80s Girl Wore In Her Hair

The 80s gave us unlimited power with our hair and for that reason we had to also have plenty of hair accessories to tie back all of the madness!  The great thing about the 80s was the fact that anything went as far as our hair was concerned and these were the tools that we used in order to make it an epic decade that we will always remember.  Check out this list to see if you had any of these accessories for your hair:

1. Combs.

These were a great way to get all of that hair back away from your face.  Although, they sometimes hurt to put in.

2. Ribbon Barrettes.

These were colorful and had extra long ribbons that would flow in your hair.  They were beautiful!

3. Banana Clips.

These were used to make a ponytail look even bigger and that’s what it was all about!

4. Big Bows.

Since we already had big hair, why not add a big bow to top it off?

5. Scrunchies.

These were worn on our wrists until we were ready to pull back all of that hair later in the day.

6. Claw Clips.

These are still used today as much as they were used in the 80s. They work perfectly.

7. Tiny Barrettes.

These came in a variety of styles and colors and every little girl had plenty of these to choose from.

8. Feather Clips.

I loved adding these to my hair to make it look like my hair was long and flowing. They had many different colors and styles.

9. Hair Picks.

If you needed a comb, you just carried this one around in your hair. It was convenient.

10. Bling Barrettes.

These jeweled darlings were a great addition to our hairstyles back then.  The more the better!