In my opinion, the 80s was the decade when modern tech was originally born. This is when Apple became a company and when VHS players could be found in every home. Fast forward to today and most of this stuff is considered ancient! In fact, kids of today don’t even know what this stuff is but we do and we loved them all while growing up. Check out this old school tech and share with your friends.

1. Cassette Tape

We had so many of these!

2. Rotary Telephone

Before the iPhone phones actually had cords and had to be dialed one number at a time!

3. Film

Before digital cameras we had to buy, install and develop our pictures.

4. Camera with a huge flash.

Although we have cameras today that had big flashes they are much more advanced.

5. Old analog TV.

These were the first forms of TV we remember.

6. Digital Casio Watches.

Remember when these were totally hot to own?

7. Walkman with radio.

This was even before the CD player and even those are slowly disappearing.

8. Watchman

This was a cool piece of tech back then!

9. VHS

The only way to watch movies back then.

10. Radio headphones.

Who had a pair of these?