Sweet Secrets was a toy introduced by Galoob in 1984 which transformed from jewelry, makeup and other girl-oriented objects to animals, girls with hair, and playsets. This was done by opening the object and unfolding the head, arms, and legs. The playsets included a jewelry box which transformed into a dollhouse, a play phone which transformed into a nursery, a comb which transformed into a bed, and a photo frame which transformed into a pool. In Fall 2007, Play Along Toys re-released the Sweet Secrets series; but instead of charms, they were tiny dolls that could fit into lipstick tubes and change purses.

1. Shimmer

2. Koala Galoob


3. Sparkle Heart


4. Shinie Mouse

5. Puppy Shines Blue


6. Starburst

7. Cat Trina

8. Sparkle Heart


9. Cristal Bright

10. Glitter Miss