10 Surprising Facts About Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Austrian actor, filmmaker, businessman, politician, author, former bodybuilder, producer, director, Arnold Schwarzenegger who has been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars for decades particularly making some of his best films in the eighties with Terminator in 1984 and Commando in 1985. Here are some surprising facts on the former Mr Olympia who won the title an incredible seven times.

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria on July 30th 1947. He had a strong and close relationship with his Mother but not his Father. Tragedy hit the family on 20th May 1971 when Arnold’s brother Meinhard was killed in a car accident.

The following year Arnold’s Father died from a stroke. Arnold did not attend the funeral. He later stated that he had suffered abuse at the hands of his Father.

2) Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was born in Thal, Austria, to parents Gustav and Aurelia both of whom were very strict parents.

Arnold’s Father Gustav very firmly believed that Arnold was not his biological son because of this he much more favoured his elder son Meinhard.

3) In 1967 Arnold won the title of Mr Universe for the very first time and it wasn’t the last time he went on to win the title another three times.

The first time Arnold won the title at the grand old age of twenty he was the youngest ever to win the highly sought after title.

4) Arnold served two terms as the Governor of California and he was well liked and popular. For his position he refused to take a salary, choosing to travel at his own expense instead.

He wasn’t the first actor to be Governor of California though, the first was former American President Ronald Reagan, who had success in the world of Hollywood including starring in a film alongside Shirley Temple.

Interestingly when Shirley Temple left her Holloywood career behind her she went into politics too.

5) The famous dialogue which Arnold says “I will be back” was originally written as “I will come back” the line has featured in many of his films.

Speaking of dialogue and words its been said that the deep Austrian accent Arnold had when he arrived in America during his bodybuilding days, has long faded away. He can do a pure American accent, but keeps the Austrian twang as fans expect it.

6) He may be a highly successful man who is a multi millionaire and one of the biggest action stars in the whole world. But Arnold did not come from money he started with nothing.

His beginnings and upbringing were very poor and humble, living very much on the bread line. Arnold says one of the biggest highlights of his youth was when his family could afford to but a refrigerator.

7) At the age of thirteen Arnold got heavily into weight lifting he knew how passionate and dedicated he was straight away and by fourteen this was going to be something he would take seriously choosing it as a career.

Arnold’s Mum and Dad didn’t quite have the same enthusiasm for their sons new found love of weights, his Dad wanted him to be a Police Officer and his Mum wanted him to go to trade school.

8) When learning English Arnold didn’t take private lessons or attend college classes. No Arnold learnt his English in the East End of London in Forest Gate.

Yes Arnold spent time in the East End back in the days when he would stay with his coach Charles Bennett. Arnold really enjoyed his days which he spent in London and remembers that time most fondly.

9) The first film Arnold appeared in was Hercules In New York which came out in 1971 with Arnold in the role of Hercules.

But he did not use his super long last name Schwarzenegger, no he was credited as Arnold Strong. Which was a reference to his successful bodybuilding work, plus it was thought that his last name would of been too long.

10) Over the decades Arnold has done a lot of modelling work and back in the seventies he did a very unforgettable modelling shoot.

In 1977 Arnold posed nude for the gay magazine After Dark showing off his muscles and posing. He was on the cover of After Dark magazine too and it was a successful edition.