10 Short-Lived Cartoons That Only 90s Kids Will Remember!

The 90s kids are the latest generation to have some sort of nostalgia when they are reminded of their past.  Even though it seems as if the 90s were not that long ago!  Unfortunately, it has been a long time but at least we get to look back at all of the great cartoons that we had and can even look them up to watch again.  Take a look at this list and see if you can remember these great cartoons from your childhood:

1. Mighty Max.

The toys from this show were probably more popular than the show itself but it was still great to watch.


This was an incredible sketch animation show that Nickelodeon did in which the animated host spoke directly to the viewer.

3. Little Bear.

This group of animal friends were also part of the Nickelodeon line-up.  Little Bear also had a human friend named Emily.

4. Life With Louie.

This cartoon character was based on the real-life stand-up comedian named Louie Anderson. This is the first time a comedian got his own cartoon.

5. Mighty Ducks.

This was based on the actual movie ‘Mighty Ducks’ except that the cartoon had ducks who were superheroes as well as hockey players.

6. Earthworm Jim.

This worm was able to control a human shaped body in order to take on his enemies.

7. Pepper Ann.

She was a quirky, funny outcast with an overactive imagination in which she would imagine her life as a superhero.

8. 2 Stupid Dogs.

This was the typical pairing of two buddy animals who often pushed the boundaries of good humor and taste.

9. The Pirates Of Dark Water.

This was a creative and imaginative show for the young audience featuring a space pirate who was embarking on a quest to save the world from Dark Water.

10. Goof Troop.

This lovable dog was back and this time he has a son, Max. This show focused on Goofy’s life as a dad.