10 Secret Things Girls Love Doing But Boys Don’t Know At All

Women do a lot of things that guys have no idea about. These 10 things are something that women would probably like to keep secret but it’s too ladies because this will now leave you exposed.

1. Watching YouTube Video of proposals and sobbing.

You know you have all done this at least once!

2. We tend to procrastinate when we need to be somewhere.

This always results in us NOT showing up on time!

3. Taking our bra off after a long day is the best feeling ever!

Hey they need to breathe too!

4. Not having enough time to do our hair so we throw it in a ponytail.

A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

5. Buying things for ourselves makes us happy!

This one drives every man insane!

6. Sometimes getting compliments make us feel a bit awkward.

Even though we need to hear them all the time!

7. We start planning our wedding as soon as we meet a nice guy.

Just don’t tell him or it might creep him out!

8. We try really hard to look like we aren’t trying.

It take a lot of work to look this good!

9. When we don’t have time to shave we wear pants and long sleeves.

Nobody wants to see our hair legs and arms.

10. If we end up falling asleep with makeup on we just add another layer.

Best and quickest way to fix things.