10 Screenshots Of Your First Video Games

Video gaming has come a long way since we were kids.  Some might say that it’s for the better, especially when you take a look at the old graphics.  However, the intensity was very much there because back then, we just didn’t know that it could get any better!  For that reason, these games were the best! Here is a list of games from your past.  Take a look and see if you can remember spending hours on them because they were all that you had.

 1. Q-bert.

A puzzle game where you had to jump your character onto these squares to change their color.

2. Pac-Man

Atari Pac-Man. Who could forget?  This was an intense game and I swear I almost broke the controller trying to get away from the ghosts.

3. Pong.

This was the most generic form of ping pong ever and yet, we loved to play it.

4. Street Racer.

These barely looked like cars and my favorite part was when you ran into one and it looked broken afterwards.

5. Donkey Kong.

Now this was starting to look a little more intricate.  Today’s kids would laugh at me saying that!

6. Galaxy.

The hardest part was dodging all of the tiny bombs that they dropped because the only move you were able to make was going back and forth along the bottom.

7. Combat.

It took forever to drive these tanks around to get a good shot at your opponent.

8. Bubble Bobble.

These guys turn into dinosaurs.

9. Frogger.

It was all about getting this little frog across the street without killing him.

10. Basketball.

Making a video game back them must have been really easy.  Look at these stick figures!