The 80s had plenty in the way of romantic movie scenes from much-loved films. Many people often watched these scenes in order to live through them vicariously and daydream about some of their favourite actors and actresses. The love scenes from movies such as Pretty In Pink and An Officer And A Gentleman were so enchanting that they helped us to believe in love at an early age.

In the article below, we take a look at 11 romantic movie scenes from the 80s. Scroll down to reminisce about some of the greatest love stories of the 1980s. Enjoy!

1. The Princess Bride

This scene from The Princess Bride was amazing from start to finish – beautifully shot with the white horses and the sky colours. Buttercup and Westley are finally reunited, and the princess bride even gets to wear a flowered crown on her head. What’s not to love?!

Romantic scene from The Princess Bride

2. Rocky 3

“How did you become so strong?” “I married a fighter”. Remember how shy Adrian was in the beginning of all of these movies?

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The love between her and Rocky grew into an epic romance, and Rocky III arguably featured on of the best romantic scenes between the two characters.

Love scene from Rocky III

3. The Breakfast Club

Claire was The Breakfast Club‘s preppy princess, who took an instant disliking to arrogant bad boy John. However, things took a turn over the course of the movie and by the end of the film, Claire was sneaking into the closet to hang out with the rebel! Check out the way they both look at each other – pure romance.

Romantic movie scene from 80s classic The Breakfast Club

4. Top Gun

This is the famous scene where the guys sing to this girl in front of everyone in the bar.

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We’ve included the original clip in full below:

5. Some Kind Of Wonderful

Finally, Watts gets the boy (Keith) AND she gets to be mean about his stupidity. It’s every girl’s dream! Some Kind of Wonderful arguably showcased one of the best ‘I love you’ quotes in film history:

Famous romantic quote from Some Kind Of Wonderful

6. Ghost

How many of us said “ditto” to our significant others for YEARS after this movie? The weepy love story between Sam and Molly was a classic 80s film with some of the best romantic scenes to grace the big screen. Here’s one of them:

Famous romantic scene from Ghost

7. An Officer And A Gentleman

Yes, being literally swept off of your feet is what every warehouse worker dreams of!

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This was the movie that confirmed Richard Gere’s status as a heart throb – fans went crazy for the romance between Zack and Paula, and the moment when he scoops up Debra Winger in his arms is simply unforgettable.

Julia Roberts is swept off her feet in An Officer And A Gentleman

8. Pretty In Pink

All Andie ever wanted was for the popular kid Blane to look past her ragged clothes and see the wealth that she had inside. After a few obstacles, true love wins out and the pair get together at the end of the film. Pretty in Pink had teens everywhere dreaming about their own high school romances and it’s not hard to see why with such a brilliant love scene.

Pretty In Pink love scene

9. Dirty Dancing

The name of the film says it all but this scene when they practice the difficult move in the water was especially fun to watch.

80s kids everywhere still remember the first time they watched this bit of the movie. Patrick Swayze became a heart throb after the release of Dirty Dancing and we can see why!

The lake scene from Dirty Dancing

10. Say Anything

This is a classic 80s movie that took a lot of guts and just the right song to achieve. We all wanted to see this happen in real life.

John Cusack holding up the speakers in Say Anything

11. Footloose

After she gets smacked around by her former boyfriend, the new kid in town picks up the broken pieces of her heart and tries to glue them back together again.

Everyone fell in love with Richard Bacon after this movie!

Love scene from Footloose