10 Romantic Gestures From The 80s That Women Would Totally Go For Today!

These days, the romance is gone and therefore and the monotony of trying to get a girl to like you has probably lost its charm because even their response to your text is nothing more than a winky face.  The reason is because there is no comparison to locking eyes and smiling at each other after a romantic gesture has been put forth.  That is courtship at its finest and so here are some old tricks that ought to go pretty far these days:

1. Celebrate Her Birthday.

She may say that she doesn’t want anything special.  That is a lie. Make it a special day for her.

2. Rescue Her.

This was an epic scene and ultimately what every woman wants.  To be rescued.

3. Ask Her To Dance.

Deep down, every woman wants to dance and cannot wait to be asked!

4. Mixed Tape.

Take the time to put a collection of music together for her.  These days, it can be done on a ‘playlist’.

5. Dedicate A Song To Her.

You may not want to stand outside her home like this but it would be the ultimate gesture!

6. Walk Her Home.

This is not only a gentlemanly thing to do but you will definitely get her attention with this!

7. Write Her A Note.

This seemed dated but getting one today would mean so much more than a text.

8. Make An Effort.

Any time you make eye contact, go out of your way to see her or simply talk to her often,  you are making yourself a good candidate for her love.

9. Be Honest.

Honesty goes a long way with women.  You don’t have to be so macho all the time.

10. Be A Friend.

We all know that the best relationships begin with a good friendship.