10 Retro Alcoholic Drinks That Anyone Would Remember

Depending on how much of these you consumed you may not remember any of them. Here are ten alcoholic drinks that you probably had growing up.

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1. White Lightning

If you were a teen that liked hanging out at the park.

2. Mad Dog 20/20

This one had a range of colors and hangovers.

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3. Archers

All the ladies that felt sophisticated drank this.

4. Two Dogs

Tasted like some nasty lemonade.

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5. Diamond White

This was for the classier cider drinker.

6. Warner Bros Studios Store

A Lambrini girl, were you?

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7. Cinzano

You could always find a bottle of this in the cupboard.

8. Hooch

Hard to tell how many you had of these.

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9. Taboo & Mirage

Even though these are two different drinks they are always taken together.

10. Thunderbird

Are you surprised this one made the list?