10 Random Things That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

There are so many things that we can find to remind you of your childhood and they are all great. This time, we decided to put a mix of things that will take you back. Remember these things?

1. Major Morgan 1980s Hand-held Electronic Organ Toy

I loved playing with this toy!

2. Babycham

Did you want to try this as a kid?

3. Pink Bedspread

Nan had at least one of these in her house.

4. Bead Purse

5. Snoopy Pull Toy

I would drive mum and dad crazy pulling this around the house!

6. Fisher Price TV

We pretended that this was the real thing.

7. Weird Science

We loved watching this movie.

8. Sinclair ZX Spectrum

One of our very first computers.

9. View-Master 3D

This was top tech at the time!

10. Wham! Last Christmas

This tune was in our heads all Christmas season.