10 Programmes For Schools And Colleges We Had To Watch!

Can you remember when the teacher would roll in the TV for you to watch some educational show? I remember it like it was yesterday and those were always my favourite days in school. I liked most of them did you?

1. Look and Read

Although the show started in 1967 Wordy (below) was not introduced until 1974. Best thing they ever did!

2. The Boy From Space

This show scared us as kids!

3. Dark Towers

This was another scary one!

4. Geordie Racer

I loved watching these pigeon racers and runners.

5. Zip Zag

Who else loved this futuristic show?

6. How We Used To Live

If you want to know how things looked in the olden days just watch this show.

7. Picture Box

This one was a little strange and boring if you ask me.

8. Stop Look And Listen

Another boring one.

9. Good Health

This scared you into making sure that you brushed your teeth.

10. Scene

BBC’s attempt to reach out to teenagers.