10 Pictures That Describe The Life Of An 80s Kid!

We can’t help the fact the that world was designed differently for us back then and therefore, we took nothing for granted because we had to work hard in order to get it. Now, your friends are online and being alone with nowhere to go has become the norm. We really hope that today’s kids can see the value in unplugging for a while and sometimes all we can do is start with the phrase, “back in my day. . .” followed by a story in order to explain to today’s kids what it was like for us back then:

1. Walking.

There was no other way of getting around! If you lived in the city, you had a city bus but even then, you had to walk to the bus stops.

2. Mobile Phones.

When we were away, we had no way of keeping in touch with home unless we had one of these which was highly unlikely! The only options we had were landlines and pay phones.

3. Asking someone out.

This was usually done using a landline, especially if you weren’t sure that the other person would say “yes” but even then, you hoped that no one else would pick up!

4. Patrick Swayze.

He’s too cool for today’s generation when you consider that he played in ‘Road House’ AND ‘Dirty Dancing’! This guy was the best!

5. Bedtime.

This was a specific time each and every night. Now, there are too many distractions to let kids sleep!

6. Making Change.

We didn’t have credit cards or other means for making phone calls and buying sodas. This was it!

7. Going to the arcade.

This is how we played video games by physically going and standing at these machines for hours!

8. Simple Toys.

They were simple and yet, very challenging.

9. Making Friends.

This was usually done in person. Not online.

10. Out of stock toys!

If the toy that you wanted wasn’t at your local store, you had to wait! There was no where to go ‘online’ to order it. When it’s gone, it’s gone!