10 Photos That Will Bring Back The Magic Of Your Childhood!

These are the things that you can absolutely remember from your childhood and the minute you see them again, it will remind you of how magical your it really was. We can only say that growing up was full of adventure and new experiences and often times, these things played a significant role in those moments.  From movies to toys and everything in between, these are the things that will bring back the magic of your childhood.

1. Playskool Flashlight.

This was our first flashlight. Remember how it would change colors?  It was better than what the adults had!

2. Video Arcade.

This is where we would meet up with our friends and find out more about others who liked video games too!

3. Chunk – The Goonies.

The Goonies was an epic adventure that represented different sorts of kids that we could all relate to.  Chunk was the funniest!

4. TV learning shows.

We watched these shows for both entertainment and learning. We found out a lot about what we can ultimately do with our lives.

5. Oakley Sunglasses.

I can remember wanting a pair of these so bad and having nothing but a ‘knock off’ pair.

6. Game Boy.

This portable gaming system was so much fun to have!  We couldn’t wait to play it everyday.

7. Little HUG drinks.

These were great to have all day long!  Sugar water. YUM!

8. Bigfoot.

This truck was what everyone wanted to grow up and drive one day but until then, this was a great place to start!

9. Air Hockey.

It seemed like these were everywhere and winning a game on this table was exciting!

10. Cap gun.

I’m guessing these are not as popular as they once were because back then, we all had one.  I loved the way the caps smelled after they popped.