10 Photos Leonardo DiCaprio Does NOT Want You To See

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the biggest actors on the planet. He’s had a glittering career and will always be fondly remembered for his performances in massive films such as Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, The Revenant and many, many more. However, the actor tends to shy away from publicity and some of the photographs below might help to explain why…

All actors have a private life, and whilst most do their best to protect it from the ever gazing eye of the world’s media, there are times when people get too close, or uncover something that the stars would rather we didn’t see or know about.

Even celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, who have many years experience being in the public eye, occasionally have moments that aren’t going to do them any favours with their fans, and below are 10 photos that Leo definitely doesn’t want you to see…

1. Despite his heartthrob image, it’s nice to see that underneath the outfits Leo isn’t all abs and six packs. It give all of us normal looking guys some hope!

2. And it’s also nice to see the gorgeous Leo aging along with the rest of us normal people, and as some people have pointed out, he seems to be morphing into Jack Nicholson!

3. DiCaprio is well known for using all manor of disguises to try and escape the clicking finger of the Paparazzi. Most strange was this metal black mask, as not only did it draw more attention to the star but it can’t have been easy for him to enjoy his lunchtime wrap!

4. Leo has taken part in some gorgeous photo shoots over the years, but this rather strange one featuring a blood red tie and leopard skin backdrop definitely isn’t one of our favourites.

5. You can say what you want about his beard and ponytail combination, but we’ll defend it because we know Leo pulls it off far better than we could ever hope to do.

6. Another one of Leonardo’s attempts to evade the gazing eye of the paparazzi was to hide his head in his jacket. Again, drawing even more attention to himself.

7. DiCaprio is well known for living the playboy lifestyle, but being surrounded by more than three or four beautiful girls at one time seems rather selfish if you ask us.

8. Whilst Leo might not wish to shoo away fans that come into his close proximity, especially when there are cameras watching, this particular gentleman does appear to be a little too close for comfort.

9. When Lady Gaga brushed past him to collect her Golden Globe award, Leo pulled the strangest of faces. Many took it to be a clear dig at the pop star turned award winning actress, but Leo defended the look he gave by simply saying that he didn’t know who was walking past him.

10. Imagine being constantly hounded and followed by a gaggle of adoring fans. Would it really be as glamorous as many of us would like to imagine?

Let’s end by remembering that no matter what you think about Leo in his personal life, he’s without doubt one of the best actors of the last few decades. As well as winning the Best Actor oscar for The Revenant, he was also nominated for his performances in The Wolf of Wall Street, Blood Diamond, The Aviator and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Let’s hope that he continues to display his talent on screen for many more years to come.

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