20+ Photos Brad Pitt Does NOT Want You To See!


Despite all the negative press Brad Pitt has received in the past year or so, we still like to remember his greatest films (and boy are there lots of them!). Usually it’s his brilliant acting performances that make the headlines, but recent reports have only confirmed that there must be more to Pitt than good looks, great films and acting talent…

All actors have a private life, and whilst most do their best to protect it from the ever-gazing eye of the world’s media, there are times when photographers get too close, or uncover something that the stars would rather we didn’t see or know about…

Even celebrities such as Brad Pitt, who have many decades’ worth of experience being in the public eye occasionally have moments that aren’t going to do them any favours with their fans.

Below are 22+ photos that Brad definitely doesn’t want you to see…

1. He’s a Missouri boy at heart

Brad Pitt was born William Bradley Pitt in Shawnee, Oklahoma on December 18th, 1963.

His parents are William Alvin Pitt and Jane Etta Pitt – William owned a trucking company whilst Jane worked as a school counsellor. Despite the fact that he was born in Oklahoma, Brad’s family moved to Springfield, Missouri not long after he was born. Judging from the photos below, Brad was a cute kid from a very young age.


Pitt is close to his parents now, but the actor once revealed that he found his strict Southern Baptist upbringing very hard to deal with as a young man. He once said that his father was “very, very tough” and that he was raised “with all the Christian guilt about what you should and shouldn’t do.”

However, Brad still insists that he enjoyed a very happy childhood, and judging from these goofy high school photos the actor was just like any other US teen growing up in the 70s. He attended Kickapoo High School where it’s been reported that he joined the golf, swimming and tennis teams.

2. Brad has one brother and one sister

We don’t hear about Brad’s siblings all that much, so fans of the actor might not realise that he actually has a brother and a sister.

Brad is the oldest child, whilst his younger brother Douglas was born in 1966 and his sister Julie arrived in 1969. Despite the fact that Brad is an international superstar, his siblings have managed to leave a fairly sheltered life away from the lime light. Douglas has stayed in Missouri; he owned a successful tech company and has carried out decades of humanitarian work in Africa.


He’s very popular in his local area but prefers to stay out of the limelight as much as possible (in stark contrast to his actor brother!). Apparently Douglas’ wife was extremely upset when she and their children were not invited to Brad and Angelina’s wedding ceremony at Chateau Miraval – only Douglas was allowed to attend. She later said that Douglas has to live ‘under the Brad cloud’ – yikes!

Brad Pitt’s sister Julie Neal has also opted for a quiet life in Missouri – she lives in their home state with her husband and five children, including two sons she adopted from Ethiopia. It looks as though the humanitarian streak runs strong in the Pitt family!

3. The actor used to sport a very distinctive mullet

Everyone has that embarrassing haircut moment they’d rather forget.

And for Brad, it looks as though the mullet was his hairstyle of choice during his younger years. He must have made the girls swoon during his time in high school – check out the photo below for reassurance that even the world’s most handsome film stars have had some seriously embarrassing hair moments!


Still, young Brad was definitely a catch and we can see why he decided to go into acting. Pitt enrolled in the University of Missouri in 1982, majoring in journalism. However, he dropped out two weeks before he completed all of the necessary course work to do his degree and instead moved to Los Angeles.

Pitt has previously stated that films were the one thing which really excited him – they were like “a portal into another world for me” and so he decided to pursue film acting as a full-time career.

4. He looks very young in some of his first ever acting appearances!

It’s always fun to look back at the earliest film appearances of the world’s most famous actors.

And Brad is no exception – check out the screen shot below of his appearance in Another World as ‘Chris’ in 1987. He appeared in two episodes of the series before going on to star in some uncredited roles in various little-known TV programmes. Eventually Brad hit the big time with a recurring role on Dallas.


Dallas was huge in the 70s and 80s, so Brad hit the big time when he starred in four episodes of the hit series as Randy, the rebellious boyfriend of Charlie Wade. We have to admit that he looks pretty good in his first major TV appearance – those distinctive cheekbones are already recognisable.

It wasn’t long after his appearance in Dallas that Pitt began to enjoy more and more success in the world of television. He finally gained his first film role in 1987’s No Way Out.

5. Some people have claimed he gets the same haircuts as his ex-girlfriends

There’s a very strange theory floating about concerning Brad, his haircuts and his ex-girlfriends.

Basically, past photos of the hunky actor and his exes all seem to show Brad’s changing style seems to evolve alongside whichever lady he’s dating! Check out the pic of Brad and Juliette Lewis below – it definitely seems as though he’s gone for the short, choppy look which definitely matches his girlfriend’s hair.


What about his hair in this photo? Brad has had some questionable styles over the years and this seems like yet another one that the actor probably wants to forget.

Why oh why!

This is probably the best example of Brad’s weird tendency to morph into his girlfriends. He famously dated actress Gwyneth Paltrow from 1994 until 1997, when both of their stars were beginning to rise. Check out just how similar their light blonde hair looks…


5. He sometimes gets annoyed with the paparazzi

Like most A list celebrities out there, Brad has a tendency to get annoyed with the paparazzi.

He may so often be friendly and welcoming, but there are also times when the mere sight of a photographer is enough to bring out the finger. We can’t really blame him…after all, the actor has spent decades in the limelight being chased around by the paparazzi, so the occasional outburst is more than understandable.


Sometimes the cameras manage to catch celebrities at their worst, and Brad is no stranger to being caught unawares by the flash of a lurking paparazzo. In the photo below, it looks as though the actor needed to top up on his supply of sun lotion before hitting the beach, because he certainly looks rather burnt…

Thanks to his celebrity status, there will always be photos lurking around on the web to remind Brad of his more questionable fashion choices. Here he is holding hands with actress Thandie Newton. But what’s that he’s wearing? Just a giant burgundy leather coat. Nice…

6. He had a very high-profile relationship with Jennifer Aniston

It’s no secret that Brad had a very high-profile marriage to Friends actress Jennifer Aniston.

But here’s a little-known photo of the star couple on their wedding day – don’t they look happy? Brad and Jen met after being set up on a date by their agents in 1998 and instantly hit it off. In the late 90s Jen was America’s sweetheart thanks to her breakout role in Friends, whilst Brad was one of the biggest movie stars in the world!


After going public with their romance in 1999, the couple announced their engagement in true celebrity fashion – Brad and Jen crashed the stage at a Sting concert and the actress flashed her engagement ring to the world. They married in Malibu on the 29th July, 2000. The bash was so lavish that the couple even arranged for a firework display at the end of the evening. Nice!

The couple made plenty of red carpet appearances during their time together – Brad even famously starred in an episode of Friends as Will (who despised Jen’s character Rachel!). Still, as we all know by now, things just weren’t meant to be for the 90s power couple…

7. He once sported a horrific beard

Despite being married to some of the world’s most beautiful women, Brad hasn’t always looked after his appearance.

If we’re being fair to Pitt then he’s managed to pull off a number of different looks and styles over the years, but even the most diehard fans of the actor were never going to accept Brad’s horrendous beard phase.

Just look at it!


Poor Jen had to put up with particular version of Brad’s facial hair, but Angelina also had to put in a shift of her own when the actor decided to grow it back ‘out of boredom’.

Even with a nice shirt and matching hat to try and appease us, the beard makes us want to be sick every time we see it.

Maybe he has this evil grin on his face because he knows just how much his scruffy facial hair is paining his biggest fans?! Thankfully he shaved off his scruffy beard for good in 2010 before working on the sports drama Moneyball.

8. He famously left his wife for Angelina Jolie after they met on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith

All of these photos look even worse in hindsight (and let’s face it, they didn’t come across that well at the time).

Brad met Angelina Jolie on the set of their spy film Mr & Mrs Smith, and it only took a few leaked photos from the set for every man and his dog to realise that something was happening between the two actors away from the camera. No wonder everyone was praising their ‘amazing on-screen chemistry’….


Brad looks pleased as punch to be working with Angelina. That’s nice, until you see more photos of them drinking red wine at a late night dinner together. Combine that with Jolie’s track record with married co-stars and the rumour mill was swirling. We’re guessing Brad wasn’t too pleased when this photo of the pair leaked to the press…

At first they tried to deny that they had been intimate whilst Pitt was still married to Aniston. However, Jolie later stated that they ‘fell in love’ on the set of the film (whatever that means). Poor Jen divorced Brad only weeks after filming ended.

9. Brad and Ange used to have some very fiery arguments

Although Brangelina liked to pose as the happy couple on the red carpet, their relationship was far from straightforward.

Angelina famously has a fiery temper whilst Brad doesn’t seem to shy away from confrontation either (if these paparazzi shots of the couple are anything to go by!). They were snapped in heated discussion several times over the course of their marriage – you’d think they’d learn to have their domestics indoors rather than outdoors, but nope!


A word of advice to Brad Pitt: Never ever have a row with your missus when you’re a world famous star and you’re on a balcony in full view of the world’s paparazzi. You should also avoid arguing with your wife when you’re visiting a theme park (in this case Legoland Windsor).

And never ever try to use your hand to ‘gently guide’ your wife forward, because the world’s media will pick up on it in only a second, but focus on it for weeks!

10. He’s previously admitted to having a problem with alcohol abuse

In the last year or so, the actor has admitted to have a serious problem when it comes to drinking.

But any eagle-eyed fans of the actor might have been able to guess this from sneaky shots taken of Brad on film sets and awards ceremonies. Brad has often been seen with a glass of red wine in hand and loves swigging a bottle of beer or two when he’s at the Oscars/BAFTAs/you name it…


Back in 2017, Pitt announced in a very revealing interview that he couldn’t remember a day since college when he hadn’t either drunk or smoked weed.  He described himself as a “professional” boozer who could “drink a Russian under the table with his own vodka”. Brad confessed:  “I was boozing too much. It’s just become a problem.”

Since then he’s gone into therapy to try and work on his issues, and has also quit both the booze and weed for good. Congratulations Brad!

11. Judging from these photographs, he loves his food too

OK so he might not be addicted to food, but Brad does love a good bite to eat.

Celeb watchers were delighted when these previously-unseen photographs of Brad eating pizza emerged from backstage at the 2014 Oscars. The actor lunged at the free pizza and chips being given out and even had to beat off Meryl Streep to get himself an extra slice or two.


We love seeing Brad clutching his paper plate like a greedy uncle at a wedding. However, some people believe that this obsession with food has even leaked into his film appearances, with one internet user putting together a montage of all the times that one of Brad’s characters has been filmed munching on something.

Whether he’s in front of the camera or not, we think it’s safe to say that Brad Pitt likes a good snack (or three).

12. Brad is still ageing like the rest of us

Like many Hollywood actors, part of Brad’s popularity stems from his good looks and sex appeal.

But however gorgeous the lovely Brad is, it is kind of nice to see that he’s not immortal and that he does actually age along with the rest of us normal people.

Check out these photos of Brad’s transformation over the years.


Still, the actor doesn’t look half bad despite now being in his fifties. In fact, in 2016 he made an appearance at the Golden Globes alongside Ryan Gosling, and the internet went into overdrive about how young Brad looked. Some people were even convinced he was a real-life Benjamin Button!

What do you think? Is the actor blessed with his DNA or is Brad starting to look his age?

13. His divorce from Angelina is taking its toll

Unfortunately, Brad is in the middle of a difficult and highly-publicised divorce from Angelina.

It’s been very messy over the last year or so, with the actress seemingly leaking stories to the press about Brad’s behaviour during their marriage. The actors have a lot of things to sort out in the settlement, not least who gets custody of their six children. Angelina is particularly annoyed that she can’t take the children away from LA for long stretches of time so that they can spend time with their dad.


It seems as though Brad’s turbulent personal life is taking its toll on his appearance. The actor has shed a ton of weight over the last year and fans were visibly shocked when they saw him back in front of the paparazzi looking gaunt and tired. Who wouldn’t after such a stressful divorce?

His first public appearance since the divorce was announced came in September 2016 at an LA film screening of Moonlight. Luckily his pal Julia Roberts was on hand to support him in front of the waiting cameras.

14. But we know he’ll bounce back in no time!

There’s a reason that Brad has been in the public eye for so long.

He’s a great actor with plenty of charm and charisma; he also managed to weather the controversy over his split with Jen so we know that he’ll be back on his feet again in no time after his divorce from Angelina.

In fact, he’s been looking a lot better in recent weeks.


The actor is currently filming Once Upon A Time in Hollywood alongside another film veteran – Leonardo DiCaprio – and is being directed by none other than Quentin Tarantino.

There’s been lots of hype surrounding the film and Brad seems to be looking better than ever.

Leo posted this snap of the two actors in costume on his Instagram account, and since then fans have been eagerly awaiting the film’s release.

We’ll get to see Brad on-screen again in July 2019, in his first film opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

Let’s end by remembering that no matter what you think about the Brad Pitt stories that we’ve heard in recent years, he’s starred in some of the greatest films of the last few decades, including Thelma and Louise, Se7en and Fight Club.

And he’s not just a pretty face, because he’s also been nominated for two Best Actor oscars, for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in 2009 and for Moneyball in 2012, and has one nomination for Best Supporting Actor, for Twelve Monkeys in 1996.


Unfortunately he didn’t win any of them, but here’s hoping that he finally picks up a gong before he hangs up his acting boots.

Maybe the next Tarantino film will be his road to the Oscars 2019!

Fingers crossed…

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