The 1980s were a unique time to be alive. It was an innovative time, where big hairstyles and crazy fashion were the biggest trends. You had music breakthroughs, such as Michael Jackson, releasing singles such as “Thriller.”

But the 1980s were a time for films. ‘80s are renowned for their simple storylines, which were easily marketable.

Are you trying to find a fun movie to watch while you’re stuck inside during the COVID-19 pandemic? Play one of these movies! Here are the 10 best party movies of the ‘80s!

1. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

There’s a reason why this is not only one of the craziest films of the ‘80s but it’s also one of the most famous ones. It perfectly captures the teenage years — lust, rebellion, and plenty of marijuana consumption (and not the no-THC kind that you buy with CBD coupons).

Overall, Fast Times is a crazy movie that brings us back to those glorious teenage years.

2. Risky Business

Risky Business is one of those movies you know, even if you’ve never seen it. We can all recognize the scene where a very young Tom Cruise is dancing in his underwear.


But there’s more we can take away from Risky Business. This is a movie that we can all learn from: be responsible when your parents are out of town. Oh, and that subway scene was a little too enjoyable.

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This classic film is another one that teaches us a lesson about responsibility. But in a very action-packed and hilarious way.

From the prank call scene to the “anyone, anyone” scene, this film keeps you laughing. And Ferris Bueller’s shenanigans just make this movie that much better.

We can all learn something from this movie, even as adults: don’t forget to have fun, and maybe conformity isn’t the only option in life.

4. Sixteen Candles

If there’s one actor who’s synonymous with 1980s films, it’s Molly Ringwald. And this is by far one of her most famous roles.

The fact that this film focuses on the female’s perspective is also revolutionary; Molly Ringwald’s character is distracted by the dreamy senior while she avoids advances from the nerdy kid who can’t stop crushing on her.


While it’s not exactly the biggest party film, the prom scene (specifically, the underwear scene) is priceless.

Overall, this is a relatable film for all teenagers — with plenty of wacky antics thrown in.

5. Caddyshack

Caddyshack is filled with some brilliant scenes. Some say this movie set the trend for all of the crazy ‘80s movies that followed.

While scenes like the beaver scene are some of the most iconic, this comedy also proves that being rich and snobby is really not that great. And seriously, who knew a movie about golf could be such a party?

6. Revenge of the Nerds

High school ‘80s films put cliques into the spotlight. While nerds were often conveyed in a negative way, Revenge of the Nerds made these dorky protagonists out to be heroes. This movie proves that you can achieve great things in life, even if you’re the school nerd.


Hey, there’s still some party scenes in the movie — even if some of them are pretty misogynistic.

7. Footloose

If there’s one movie that conveys a party more than the rest, it’s Footloose. Kevin Bacon stars in this fun musical with a super catchy soundtrack. This movie reminds us of the simple things we love, such as rock n’ roll and dancing.

While this isn’t the traditional party movie, there are plenty of rebellious themes that made this film famous.

8. The Breakfast Club

Out of all of the films on this list, The Breakfast Club is probably the most famous. While it’s not the craziest film on this list, the film does show plenty of angst and rebellion (and even a little marijuana) to give it a bit of an edge.

Seriously, the students are in detention. They’re obviously doing some partying and going against authority. There was no party place better than detention back in high school.


9. Weekend at Bernie’s

The ‘80s is a time for cheesy movies. But Weekend at Bernie’s tops the list of serious cheesiness. But there’s plenty of good times and partying — as well as many other shenanigans.

Take the party scene as the perfect example. The protagonists partied it up — all while covering up the fact that their boss is dead. And they do so in the most hilarious way.

10. Valley Girl

Hey, rom-coms can be a party hit, too. Valley Girl proves it by accentuating the best parts of Los Angeles with some seriously intense characters. This film also shows the two best things to do in LA: go to the beach and party.

An afternoon spent watching the film Valley Girl will make you want to book a flight to LA when the pandemic is over!


11. Real Genius

If you were a nerd with a “cool” friend, you definitely experienced what Gabriel Jarret’s character experienced in Real Genius — encouraging you to have fun. There are also some seriously hilarious scenes that will have you laughing, even if you’re not a physicist.

Even though the film takes place at a stuffy genius college, it’s still a college — which means there are plenty of college party scenes!

Watch These ‘80s Party Movies

From heroic nerds to Tom Cruise in his underwear, the ‘80s brought us many wild party movies that we will cherish forever.

These great party movies are more than just, well, the normal party movies. They’re clever comedies, coming-of-age tales, romantic comedies, and some films even give us a new look at physics students. The real reason they’re cherished is that they’re relatable — at least most of them are relatable.

No matter how old you are, you can enjoy all of these films!


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