10 Memorable Gadgets That Launched Our Love For Technology

These are the gadgets that made us realize that our futures were about to change because they were on the cutting edge of technology.  They allowed us to enjoy life a little easier and gave us a glimpse into the kind of lives we were going to lead.  Also, when we had these things, we knew that we were doing what society has always aspired us to do and that is to become better through the use of such technologies.  Even though some of this stuff was invented for simple enjoyment, they also reminded us of how far we have come in ways of communication and in how we store and retrieve our information. So, here are those gadgets that defined our past and propelled us into the future that we live in today:

1. Walkman.

These were incredible because they allowed us to listen to our music on the go. Before these, we were stuck listening to stereo systems that were either not portable or so big that they were hardly portable at all.

2. Car Phone.

This was the first time we had a phone that was ‘on the go’. It was amazing!  Those simple phones calls meant so much because we were doing them from a car!

3. Game Boy Color.

The gaming world was coming along nicely during these times and this was the first indication that it was about to take a major leap forward.

4. Dear Diary.

Writing in a diary was the old way of doing this and so we were excited to have this as an alternative.

5. Omnibot 2000.

Robots that followed our commands.  That was the way of the future!

6. Message Sender Diary.

This was when we realized that we were about to communicate on a whole new level with each other.

7. Electronic Aladdin.

Even as a small child, having one of these made us feel like we were living in the future that was made just for us.

8. PREComputer 1000.

Just as the title indicated, this was the precursor to the computer that we cherish so much today.

9. Deluxe Talkboy.

Being able to record on the fly and then alter that recording was an awesome technology

10. Pager.

Now people were able to get a hold of us at any time!