10 Adult Jokes In Kids Movies That You Never Got Before

It’s true that a lot of the movies we watched as a kid contained some adult humor.  Back then, you were probably wondering what your parents were laughing about but now you’re old enough to understand.  See for yourself:

1. “Nobody Takes My Wife’s Mouth But Me!” – Toy Story 3.

When his wife’s lips were grabbed right off of her face, Mr. Potatohead didn’t like it at all!

2. “See this tentacle? It’s actually shorter than all my other tentacles, but you can’t really tell.” – Finding Nemo.

Real octopi have a tentacle-looking part that is their genitalia.

3. “Rear End Formula” – Cars.

This is basically hemorrhoid cream.

4. Top Down Truckstop – Cars.

This sounds like a roadside strip club instead of a truckstop.  It also says, “All Convertible Waitresses.”

5. Getting “Familiar” with the vegetables -Ratatouille.

Chef Skinner didn’t want Chef Linguini to be familiarizing himself with the vegetables because he says, “One can get too familiar with vegetables!” This suggests that Chef Skinner has had some intimate moments with his vegetables in the past!

6. Mary Jane – Scooby-Doo.

Shaggy was excited when he heard that her name was “Mary Jane” saying, “That’s like, my favorite name!” Of course it is Shaggy. Of course it is.

7. Lady Parts – Monster House.

When these kids were checking out the inside of the house and one kid points to the uvula and another kid takes it to mean ‘vulva’ and says, “Oh, so it’s a girl house”.

8. Computer-gasm – The Brave Little Toaster To The Rescue.

This whole scene was just too much when a surge goes through this computer and he responds with, “Oooh… that feels… sorta good!” And also, “My memory banks are being stroked– and by an expert. I feel something… something happening inside of me, and I can’t keep to myself any longer!” Then the computer starts ejecting paper through the printer!

9. Santa Really Enjoyed The 60s – The Santa Clause.

When Santa begins to float for the first time, his son exclaims, “Woah! You’re Flying!” And his dad, Santa replies, “It’s okay, I’m used to it. I lived through the 60s!”  Clearly Santa was familiar with psychedelics back then.

 10. Kronk Pitches a Tent – The Emperor’s New Groove.

Pitching a tent only over his private parts is pretty suggestive.