When you cast your mind back to your childhood, where do most of your memories take place? We bet that a good majority of them are related to your family home, so it comes as no surprise to us when remembering an item from our 1980s house instantly fills our tummy with that lovely warm feeling of nostalgia.

How many of the following items do you remember? And which item should we have included on our list?

10. Cat and Mouse Glass Ornament

Did your mum insist on having hundreds of ornaments on every available shelf and cabinet when you were growing up?

Ours certainly did, and the one we remember so clearly that it might as well have been yesterday, was the ornament that depicted a cat peering into a glass that contained a tiny mouse. Do you remember it?

9. Child And Dog Painting

Your house could have been filled with any number of artistic works, but there are one or two paintings that were extremely popular back in the 1980s.

The painting of a young girl looking sad in a corner whilst her pet dog looks on in a concerned manner is one such example, and also appears to prove that children were being put into ‘time out’ even hundreds of years ago!

8. Fold Up Travel Clock

Fold up travel clocks were all the rage back in the day, but rather than being used for travelling purposes, there were instead found all over our house!

Mobile phones and the like have all but extinguished our need for such items, which if we’re honest makes us really sad.

7. Electric Fireplace

Do you remember these old-school-style fireplaces? We bet you do, because we suspect that at least one family you knew owned one, if your own family didn’t own one themselves.

We especially enjoyed the fake flames these fireplaces gave us, and it wasn’t until we were about 10 years old that we realised that the effect was created by pieces of flapping fabric!

6. Potpourri

Something that was just as memorable as the sight of our 1980s house was the smell, and it was an aroma that was often created by a dish full of Potpourri.

They say that smells are heavily linked to our memories, so we’re sure that smelling some delightful Potpourri would instantly take you back in time to your childhood.

5. Glass Tables

What was it about the era of our childhood that made glass tables so popular?

As if it wasn’t already enough having glass ornaments, glass-fronted cabinets and glass mirrors in every single room of the house!

4. Black and White TV

Whilst many of you will be too young to remember watching a black and white television, to others it will feel like yesterday that you were huddled in front of a tiny screen with its grainy, black and white picture.

Whilst we definitely had a colour TV in our living room, our kitchen contained a black and white telly which forced you to turn a dial to tune onto the correct channel.

3. Tina Painting

Who remembers the lovely Tina adorning the wall of their childhood home back in the 70s and 80s?

There were many different paintings featuring Tina, and every single one that we’ve seen is extremely striking!

2. Biscuit Tin

A 1980s house wasn’t a 1980s house without a biscuit tin, and whilst it often contained things other than biscuits (much to our disappointment), there was nothing more exciting than being able to choose which tasty treat we were going to consume.

We remember our family biscuit tin being filled with shortbread and nothing else whatsoever, how about you?

1. Horse And Cart Ornament

Another popular ornament that we suspect many of you will recall is the one featuring a shire horse pulling a cart.

How many of you can remember seeing this ornament in your home, or in the home of your grandparents or other relatives?