The 1980s was a wonderfully memorable decade, and one that affected every single room in our childhood home. We all remember the old style electric living room fireplaces, and we bet some of you can recall having a soda stream in your kitchen.

Moving upstairs, your bedroom walls would have been covered with posters of your most loved Smash Hits pop stars, and your duvet was likely adorned with images of your favourite cartoon character. But what of your bathroom?

Below are 10 things we bet you’ll all remember seeing in bathrooms during the 1980s, but be sure to post a comment letting us know about any bathroom items you think we should have included on the list.

10. Matey Bubble Bath

It doesn’t matter whether we’re kids or adults, because we all love to have a lovely long soak in a bath full of lovely smelling bubbles.

You may doubt you can remember any of the bubble bath products that you used in the 1980s, but one look at this picture of Matey Bubble Bath may change your mind.

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9. Fuzzy Peach Perfume

Even as young kids we wanted to smell lovely (just like mum), but can you remember any of the particular perfumes that you used when you were young?

We really remember Fuzzy Peach, and we bet that one whiff of it now would transport us right back to the 1980s.

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8. Knitted Toilet Roll Covers

Toilet rolls are by their very nature ugly looking, but back in the 1980s we resolved that issue by purchasing (or asking our nan to knit) some rather delightful looking toilet roll covers.

We’re not sure if they would suit a modern day bathroom, but knitted toilet roll covers are one of the memories that remind us most of our childhood.

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7. Crest Toothpaste

We all remember using Colgate toothpaste, but can you remember any toothpaste brands that we used as kids that are no longer available to purchase?

One we remember very well is Crest, and we suspect that many of you will remember it after just one glance at this picture.

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6. Bath Soaps

Soap is just soap, but it can be made to look much more delightful if it’s sold in a variety of different shapes, colours and smells.

We well remember purchasing Body Shop’s bath soaps, and we suspect that we’re not alone.

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5. Anais Anais Eau De Toilette

Coming all the way from Paris, Anais Anais Eau De Toilette was probably our very favourite smell of the entire 1980s.

This particular fragrance is still very much available to purchase, but it still doesn’t stop us getting that lovely feeling of nostalgia when we take a look at the old style packaging.

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4. Oxy 10 Cream

Spots were one of the biggest challenges of our adolescence, and whilst we can’t remember Oxy 10 cream making a massive amount of difference to our complexion, it certainly gave us a bit more confidence.

Promising to give us ‘maximum strength’ protection against spots, we can’t remember any of our school friends who didn’t give this popular cream a go.

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3. Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm

Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm was the only lip balm in our lives when we were young, and it gave us a lip balm addiction that still holds to this day!

Did your lip balm addiction begin after you tried out your mum’s Kiwi Fruit when you were a child?

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2. Keypers Bubble Bath

We remember bubble baths coming in a variety of different shapes, but for some reason the one we remember most was based on our very favourite 80s toy.

Keypers toys were used to store all of our precious little trinkets, but who also tried out the very lovely smelling Keypers bubble bath?

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1. Cartoon Toothbrushes

Back in the 1980s, a toothbrush wasn’t a toothbrush unless it had a picture of our favourite cartoon character on it.

Our parents probably had to pay extra for the privilege, but if having a picture of Lion-O on our toothbrush made us more willing to clean our teeth, then they probably didn’t mind one bit.