There are many ways that the 1980s rules over every single decade that has come before or since. The music was legendary, bringing a distinctive electronic sound that we had never heard before. The films were wonderful, introducing computer-generated effects, summer blockbusters and feel good masterpieces. And the fashion was never to be bettered, giving us neon colours, big hair and an overdose of (occasionally ripped) denim.

Below are 10 items of clothing we all remember wearing during our favourite decade.

10. Jelly Shoes

They came in a wide range of different colours and styles, but were Jelly Shoes really as comfortable as we remember?

Like with a few of the 80s fashions on this list, Jelly Shoes have come back into fashion in recent years. Do you still own a pair?

9. Awesome Shirts

If there’s one thing that 80s fashion was good for, it was the amazing choice of over the top shirts to wear. There were plenty for ladies, but perhaps even more for the gents – most of whom wanted to look like Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I. (Some even attempted the moustache.)

It didn’t matter that we were never going to live in sunny Hawaii, because just the mere hint of sunshine meant that we were only too happy to display our colourful shirts for all to see.

8. Rainbow Flip Flops

Flip flops are of course still rather popular, especially during our annual beach holiday. But there is one style that will transport you right back to the 1980s.

Come on now, be honest, how many of you owned a pair of rainbow flip flops? They were identical to regular flip flops in many ways, but somehow the rainbow colours on the straps made them seem oh so much better.

7. Ripped Jeans

Credit: Michael Benabib/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Another 1980s fashion that is very much back in vogue, many of us were first encouraged to rip our perfectly good pair of jeans after falling in love with the boy band Bros. No shortage of 80s stars followed the trend, ranging from rappers Salt-N-Pepa to rockers Guns ‘N Roses.

These days we’re far too sensible purchase expensive jeans that already have holes in them, but some of you more fashion-conscious Eighties Kids may disagree.

6. Shell Suits

Credit: Nick Dolding via Getty Images

Shell Suits were one of the more bizarre 80s fashions, and we can’t think for one minute why we ever thought they were a good idea.

Because not only did they look completely ugly, but they were also a genuinely serious fire hazard!

5. Stirrup Pants

Another fashion that we’re reliably informed is making something of a comeback, Stirrup Pants meant that our leggings were always stretched out to the max.

The straps at the bottom meant that our Flashdance routines were always absolutely perfect, never to be interrupted by wardrobe malfunctions.

4. Bum Bags

Credit: Nick Dolding via Getty Images

We thought they were practical, which maybe they were, but we can’t believe that anyone ever thought that Bum Bags looked anything other than awful.

Known as ‘Fanny Packs’ in the US, Bum Bags are one item that we couldn’t wait to see the back of.

3. Moon Boots

We suspect that one look at these moon boots has taken many of you 80s girls right back to your childhood.

Perfect for keeping our feet warm during the winter months, why on earth are we not wearing them anymore?

2. Neon

If there’s one thing that the 80s did for clothes, it was definitely to make them a lot brighter.

There were neon clothing items everywhere you looked, and not only did they look great, but they meant that we could be seen clearly on a dark night out!

1. Shoulder Pads

We’re not exactly sure what the point of shoulder pads was, were they to make women look more powerful?

Whatever the reason, they’re another 80s fashion item that we’re extremely glad has been consigned to the great clothing bucket in the sky.