10 Images Of Stuff We Had Back In The Day!

Can you remember all ten of these things you probably had or seen as a kid? For me, this list brings me right back to the 80s and I love it. Check it out!

1. Lucky Bags

Remember when these were actual paper bags?

2. Pencils!

We all loved those plastic charms on them!

3. Character Pens

Remember these pens?

4. Pencil Holder

I’m sure you had one of these in the 80s.

5. Petite Office

The bits to these would get everywhere.

6. Victoria Plum

Did you have this bath set?

7. Snugglebums

These were soo cute!

8. Troll Pencil Toppers

These little guys were loved in the 80s.

9. Camera With Disposable Flash

Did your nan have one?

10. Pencil With Little Pencils

Did you love these?