10 Home Computers We Loved In The 80s!

Computers are a huge part of who we are as people today but back in the 80s it was more of a luxury and anyone who had one was one cool chap! I can remember when we got our first computer and my parents telling me that I could only use it after dinner. I would eat dinner so fast that I don’t even think I tasted what was going down! Did something similar happen to you? Check out these computers from the 80s.

1. ZX80/81

2. ZX Spectrum

3. BBC Micro

4. The Acorn Electron

5. The Commodore 64

6. Spectrum + 2/3

7. Dragon 32

I loved playing Star Trek on this computer! I could stay up for hours doing nothing but playing that game.

8. Amstrad CPC 464

Who else mastered this one within a short amount of time?

9. Toshiba MSX

This one was total fun to play around with!

10. Commodore Amiga 500 (One Of The Best Computers Of It’s Time!)

Loved playing all of the video games on this one!