10 High-Tech Items From The 80s That We All Thought Were Amazing

Nowadays we have all kinds of crazy awesome gadgets that back in the 80s we would have never imagined would be a reality. But back then we had some “high-tech” things that forever changed the course of how technology would develop. Check out these 10 tech items that we thought were high-tech back then.

1. The Personal Computer

This was a huge development for tech in the common household and we all wanted one!

2. The CD

Even though cassettes were really popular in the 80s, Sony and Philips were working hard to get the Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA) standard known as the Red Book format in 1979.

3. The Walkman

Every person I knew had one of these!

4. The Video Cassette Recorder

This was back when you were not able to pause or record your favorite TV show. That was until this amazing invention came out. Originally the VCR was made in the 70s but it wasn’t until the 80s that it hit the big time.

5. The Mobile Phone

This was a huge step forward for tech in the 80s. Back then you had to either go home or use a phone booth to call someone.

6. The ZX Spectrum

I loved this thing so much!

7. Game Consoles

When Space Invaders came out in 1980 the Atari went huge!

8. Big Boom Boxes

Yes, we loved our loud music!

9. Laserdisc

We thought that these huge discs were the future of home entertainment.

10. 8 Tracks

I bet your parents had one of these!