10 Garbage Pail Kids That We Really Liked!

Garbage Pail Kids were very popular when we were kids and to this day I can remember fighting with my brother over which ones I got. Did you collect these ones? Which ones were your favorite?

1. Nasty Nick

Such a great message to send to kids!

2. Smelly Kelly

This one cracks me up now.

3. Guillotina

Hopefully, nobody tried this at home!

4. Drippy Dan


5. Bad Breath Seth

Reminded us to brush our teeth as kids.

6. Oozy Suzy

Please don’t set your hair on fire.

7. Clark Can’t

I think some kids actually tried to become this one.

8. Dirty Harry

Reminded us to always take a bath!

9. Brainy Janie

It was funny then but now it’s a reality.

10. Adam Bomb