10 Games That Will Remind You Of ‘Computer lab’

These were the games that you played when you had ‘computer lab’ in school.  Back then, these computers were trying to make teaching ‘fun’.  Therefore, you would go to this class and play a bunch of these computer games and hoped that you learned something worthwhile:

1. The Oregon Trail.

These settlers ride in a covered wagon and tried to make their way across the wild west terrain without dying of Dysentery.

2. Paint.

This was the only ‘create’ game. Remember making a bunch of squiggly line and then coloring them in?

3. MasterType.

If you liked typing AND UFOs then this game was for you! It encouraged players to learn the keyboard by blasting word aliens.

4. Rocky’s Boots.

This was named after a 1968 Beatles song and your character was a square who does puzzles in room set up by raccoon “Rocky”. You were ultimately learning how to build circuits.

5. Reader Rabbit.

This helped kids to understand letters and words.

6. Number Munchers.

This was a math game that kids fought over to play because it was that much fun!

7. Odell Lake.

Eat time a fish came on the screen you had to decide whether or not to eat it, ignore it, chase it or escape!  Poor fish life!

8. Mixed Up Mother Goose.

She can’t seem to find anything! A huge wind has blown through her land and the nursery rhymes are all out of whack. Your job was to return everything to its rightful owner.

9. Castle of Dr. Brain.

This point-and-click game was an educational puzzle.  Your job was to help Dr. Brain make it through the castle.

10. Mario Teaches Typing.

Mario was a video game character that we were used to seeing.