10 Games That Every 80s Kid Had

Games were a great way to keep us entertained in the 80s and so we always had a variety to choose from. Some of them could be played on our own and others required a friend.  Either way, all we had to do was pick one from the pile that we had in the closet to let the fun begin. Here are the games that you had in that stack:

1. Perfection.

With this game, you had to put all the right shapes in all the right spots before the time ran out and everything popped out. It used scare me when it did that!

2. Hungry Hippo.

This one was best played with a friend and you had to hit the lever until your hippo ate all of the marbles that were rolling around.  It was a loud and exciting game.

3. Monopoly.

This was a very involved game that took many hours to play.  The purpose was to dominate the board with real estate and win all the money in the process.

4. Operation.

This game was pretty scary as well. You were supposed to get out all the parts of his body without touching the sides because when you did it would make a loud noise and his nose would light up.

5. Barrel Of Monkeys.

This was less of a game and more of a test of skills. You had to get all of the monkeys out of the barrel by using the tails and arms of the monkeys until they made a long chain.

6. Trouble.

The cool part about this game was how the dice was rolled inside the middle of the dome.  All you had to do was push on it and it would pop and roll the dice.

7. Checkers.

This was the most classic game in your collection. Everyone knew how to play it.

8. Memory.

This was a great way to test your memory skills and it made you feel good to get it right.

9. Chinese Checkers.

When you were tired with the same old checkers game, you could try this version which was a bit harder.

10. Connect Four.

This was an easy and fun game to play.