10 Forgotten But Great Movies From The ‘80s

The ‘80s were so full of movies that often times some of the goof ones are simply overlooked in the madness.  Instead, people focus on just the most prestigious ones. Or else, perhaps we saw so many movies that we simply cannot remember them all! Well, thank goodness you stumbled across this list because you will take one look at it and realize right away that you have forgotten all about ‘that one’. Perhaps you can put it on your list to see it again because it really was that good. Check it out:

1. Cat People.

This was an interesting tale about a woman who discovers that she comes from a race of people who turn into cats, specifically black panthers, when they mate. It’s best to just leave it at that.  It’s worth watching again.

2. Taps.

These students go to a military school and when things start to go bad, they decide to arm up and take over the school. It was an underrated Tom Cruise movie that shows discipline in the face of possible disaster.

3. Excalibur.

The best part about this movie was the narration because you were able to get the most out of every scene. Also, it wasn’t filled with a bunch of highly known actors so the story line was a good focus point.

4. The Flamingo Kid.

This kid gets a great job at New York country club in the 60s before he goes off to college. The time era that Matt Dillon is playing in is well portrayed and very believable.

5. Falcon and the Snowman.

He accidentally sees some faxes that he wasn’t supposed to about the US government and that they were messing with the elections in other countries. He turns his back on the US and with the help of his buddy (Sean Penn) he tries to become a Soviet spy.

6. At Close Range.

He joins his father’s gang only to regret it later. However, you are taken by the father and son relationship in this movie because they really do seem like they are related and love each other deep down.

7. The Emerald Forest.

He was kidnapped and his father spends 10 years looking for him in the Amazon forest. It also bounces back and forth between the point of view of the father and the point of view of the son which makes it more interesting.

8. Starman.

This is a classic movie in which this alien tries to figure out how to work the human body. Jeff Bridge’s does an amazing job as he acts in wonder of the human experience.

9. The Long Riders.

This is another Jesse James story movie but an extremely entertaining one as these real life brothers play brothers on the big screen.

10. The World According to Garp.

Starring the late Robin Williams, this story that takes us on a weird journey that we are not quite sure of and yet, it manages to be interesting throughout.