What’s the one thing you remember most from your favourite 80s film? The visuals? Of course, a film wouldn’t be much good without them! The storyline? Definitely, it’s what keeps us hooked throughout the running time! The actors? For sure, we loved watching our favourite 80s film stars performing!

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But we put to you that the one thing that will have stayed with you most in the decades that followed you watching your favourite 80s film for the first time is…

… the soundtrack!

Because boy did the 1980s contain films with some amazing soundtracks, and below we’ve picked 10 of our very favourites that are sure to transport you back to the best decade there ever was! Be sure to post a comment letting us know which is your very favourite, and also which 80s soundtrack you cannot believe we haven’t included!

1. Back To The Future

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As well as featuring classic 1950s hits such as ‘Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)’ and ‘Johnny B. Goode’, the Back to the Future soundtrack also contained some legendary 80s anthems. And Huey Lewis, who along with ‘The News’ wrote and performed the tracks ‘Back in Time’ and ‘The Power of Love’, actually appears in the film as a judge for Battle of the Bands!

2. Beverly Hills Cop

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No-one can forget the brilliant ‘Axel F’ by Harold Faltermeyer, but we would do well to remember that the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack also featured some amazing tracks by other artists such as Patti LaBelle and The Pointer Sisters.

3. Dirty Dancing

Featuring ‘She’s Like the Wind’, sung by Patrick Swayze himself, as well as the classic ‘Hungry Eyes’, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack was chock full of hits.

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And did you know that the song ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’, is the 3rd most popular song played at funerals in the UK?

4. Flash Gordon

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Queen knew how to score an 80s cult sci-fi film, as along with Highlander 6 years later, they could produce the kind of over the top, operatic sound that complimented the visuals of this type of film perfectly. No-one can forget the ‘Flash’ title track, which brilliantly cut dialogue from the film to sit alongside Freddie’s majestic vocals and Brian May’s roaring guitar. “Gordon’s Alive!

5. Flashdance

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The Flashdance soundtrack had several hit songs, including the Oscar winning ‘Flashdance… What a Feeling’ by Irene Cara, which was written specifically for the film. But did you know that the song ‘Maniac’ was originally written a for a 1980 film called ‘Maniac’? It even contains lyrics that specifically relate to that film, such as “He’s a maniac, maniac that’s for sure, He will kill your cat and nail him to the door!”

6. Footloose

Come on, who hasn’t danced to the Kenny Loggins song ‘Footloose’ at a wedding or on a retro themed dance floor?

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But it wasn’t the only brilliant track on the Footloose soundtrack, seeing as it also contained ‘Let’s Hear it for the Boy’ and Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding Out for a Hero’.

7. The Lost Boys

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Featuring 2 tracks by INXS meant that The Lost Boys soundtrack was always going to replicate the cool feel of the film itself, but it also contains other brilliant music by the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen and Eddie and the Tide.

8. Pretty Woman

Believe it or not the Pretty Woman soundtrack featured David Bowie, but it’s the song ‘It Must Have Been Love’ by Roxette, and of course Roy Orbison’s classic ‘Oh, Pretty Woman’, that means it’s a collection of songs that has stayed with us over the years.

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9. Purple Rain

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We could also have listed his brilliant and bizarre soundtrack for Tim Burton’s Batman, but Prince’s Purple Rain album will go down in history as being one of the greatest ever, an opinion that is given extra weight by the fact that ‘the purple one’ actually starred in the film himself!

10. Top Gun

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The Top Gun soundtrack is one of the most successful of all time, selling over 9 million copies and spending 5 weeks at number one.

In addition to that, one of the songs it features, ‘Take My Breath Away’ by Berlin, won the Oscar for best original song.

But did you know that Kenny Loggins wasn’t the first choice to record ‘Danger Zone’? Yes, apparently both Toto and REO Speedwagon were approached first!

If you have enjoyed reading this post, please do spread some lovely, nostalgic, musical memories to your fellow 80s kids by sharing it with them!

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