10 Movies From The 80s That Represent The Fashion Trends Of Their Time

These are the movies that we remember when we think of fashion films from the 80s.  They represent all that the 80s had to offer in all of its glory.  From big hair to massive amounts of accessories, these were the movies that you would aspire to when it came to fashion in your everyday life.  You might have even been inspired to make your own dress like this character does in our first example:

1. Pretty in Pink.

In Pretty in Pink, Molly Ringwald plays a character who took her passion for design and created a dress for herself out of parts and pieces that she already had.

2. The Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club had every style of fashion that the 80s had to offer because there were all kinds of people that needed adequate representation. Nerds, jocks, preps and outcasts alike all had someone that they could relate to in this movie.


3. Flashdance.

This was about following your dreams no matter how far reaching.  We loved inspirational stories and this one had a little extra spice for the men to enjoy as well.

4. Dirty Dancing.

This was the ultimate movie to watch back in the day.  It started off pretty plain but gave way to some controversial issues, including dirty dancing!

5. Can’t Buy Me Love.

This guy finds out that he can make money romancing lonely, rich ladies.

6. Footloose.

A lot of movies were about dancing in the 80s and this was no exception.  They inspired everyone to want to dance.

7. Sixteen Candles.

Molly is playing another fashionable role in this classic about a girl who turns sixteen and longs to be with this guy on that special day.

8. St. Elmo’s Fire.

This group of friends graduates together and then go through some tough times together as they make their way out into the world as adults.

9. Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

This was another fun movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker.  From then on, we all knew who she was.

10. Working Girl.

This was the working girl’s ultimate fashion movie. Everyone was aspiring for these looks.