10 Electronic Games From The 80s That You Are Sure To Remember!

These, hand-held, electronic games were the beginning of it all and ultimately changed our lives. Never before have we ever had so much entertainment in the palm of our hands. We could take these games anywhere and never be bored again! Also, the 80s represent the beginning of the computer revolution and yet, we still had these awesome games to prove that we were already cool, even before computers! To us, we didn’t care what the future held because we already felt futuristic with these electronic games in our hands. See if you can remember playing any of these awesome games:

1. Firefox F-7.

These often looked and played just like a full sized arcade game!

2. Caveman.

They came in all sorts of shapes and sizes but this one was pretty standard to begin with.

3. Tomytronic 3D.

Then you had a game like this that you held up to your eyes and it was was a great, visual game that we had loads of fun with!

4. Scramble.

Another game that resembled the full-sized arcade game. Although, it was a bit difficult to get used to the tiny controls by comparison.

5. BMX Flyer.

The only thing better than riding BMX bikes was playing a game about riding BMX bikes!

6. Puck Monster.

These electronic devices came up with every game possible!

7. Astro Wars.

A lot of the games had to do with outer space!

8. Galaxy Invader 1000.

This one was a little easier to play because we only had to use our thumbs.

9. Merlin.

This game was our first experience with a computer brain and it was shaped like a hand held phone.  This was really revolutionary!

10. Turnin’ Turbo.

I loved this game! I was a tiny version of the bigger driving game that I was addicted to.