10 Early Cameras That You Really Wanted But Never Got!

Back then, taking pictures was just as important as it is today. However, we all know the struggle of having to carry it around and also having to wait for the film to develop.  It is something that is not well understood today.  However, we didn’t know any better and so having one of these great camera back then was a real treat!  Here is a list of some popular ones that the past had to offer. Chances are, you had to have one of these:

1.  Kodak Extralite

This was a lighter version of these kinds of cameras.

2. Pink Hanimex.

Not sure about this brand name but we would’ve loved it for its color!

3. Polaroid.

This camera was cool because you were able to instantly see the pictures that you took.  Well, not exactly in an instant but a few minutes afterwards.

4. Pentax.

There were many brand names but they typically worked the same in that you had to carefully load the film and hope that it was done properly.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Camera.

They even had some for made just for kids.  This is a rare find today!

6. Fuji Rangefinder.

Now, this was stepping it up a notch!  They were coming out with some smoother designs with easier loading.

7. Polaroid Impulse.

Even this brand was trying to create a sleeker design for people to stay on board with them.  Although, they still had the advantage of instant photos.

8. Minolta WeXathermatic Waterproof Camera.

Now we’re getting into some high tech stuff.  We really needed this to do some underwater photography.

9. Le Clic.

This pocket camera was easy to carry around compared to most that we had on the market.

10. Minolta Disc Camera.

This used a new kind of film that was in the shape of a disc.  It is no longer made but it helped to make this camera smaller than the rest.