Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite and Polly Pocket are instantly recognisable to girls from many different generations, but there are some dolls that will only be familiar to those of us that grew up during the 1980s.

Below are 10 dolls that only true 80s girls will remember, so be sure to post a comment letting us know how many of them you personally owned.

And please do share this post with your fellow Eighties Girls, so that they too can reminisce about these wonderful dolls from our childhood!

10. P.J. Sparkles

We’re going to begin our countdown with the gorgeous P.J. Sparkles, who was produced by Mattel from 1988 to 1991, and came with glowing accessories, animal friends and even an animated show.

P.J. Sparkles also had a comeback in 2009, but she was slightly different in that there was only one doll available, along with a number of small light up dolls that came with their own play-sets.

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9. My Child

My Child dolls were also made by Mattel, but slightly earlier, from 1985 to 1988. You could purchase both boys and girls, and they were available in four different skin tones: American pale, Australian / European peach, African American and Hispanic.

And in addition to My Child, you could also purchase My Pets, which were either puppies, bears, cats or rabbits. Do you remember them?

8. My Pretty Ballerina

Do you remember My Pretty Ballerina? She danced to the music on our favourite cassette tapes, which at the time we thought was absolutely magical!

Being a Ballerina, this beautiful doll came with a variety of different ballet themed outfits, with names that included Swan Lake and Sugar Plum Fairy.

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7. Tiny Tears

She’s likely to be more recognisable than many of the dolls listed on this list, because Tiny Tears was the one that we really wanted to own when we were growing up during the 1980s.

Believe it or not, Tiny Tears was actually introduced all the way back in the 1950s, and the rights were sold to the Ideal Toy Company when original manufacturer American Character Doll Company went out of business in 1968. Were you lucky enough to own one?

6. Tiny Blessing

Who remembers the cute and collectible Tiny Blessing dolls? They were made from 1987 and were only three inches tall, with molded clothes and brushable hair.

In addition to the regular Tiny Blessing dolls, you could also purchase a set of Tiny Blessing Friends and Tiny Blessing Sisters, as well as a play-set.

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5. Flower Fairies

Who remembers Flower Fairies? They were produced by Hornby from 1983 to 1989, were seven inches tall, and came with wings and flower based outfits.

There were seven original characters, all inspired by Cicely Mary Barker’s drawings, named Almond Blossom, Christmas Tree, Guelder Rose, Heliotrope, Narcissus, Pink and Sweet Pea.

4. Disney’s Cinderella

These days you can’t move for Disney Dolls, but who remembers the ones that were released back in the 1980s?

We particularly remember the Cinderella Doll, and apparently you could also purchase dolls for her wicked stepsisters, but why anyone would want to do that is lost on us!

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3. Lady LovelyLocks

We sure did love dolls that had long, beautiful hair for us to brush, and Lady LovelyLocks was probably the very greatest of them all. Each of the five Lady LovelyLocks dolls came with a gorgeous outfit, as well as a comb and three Pixietail clips.

They five dolls had the names Lady LovelyLocks, Maiden CurlyCrown, Maiden FairHair, Duchess RavenWaves and Prince StrongHeart.

2. Loving You Barbie

We’re not claiming for one second that you won’t remember Barbie, but one of her outfits in particular transports us right back to our childhood.

Loving You Barbie was released in 1983, was one of the most sought after dolls of the entire 1980s, and we seem to remember it coming with some heart shaped stamps. Did you own one?

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1. Alf

Ok, so we’re being a little bit cheeky with our final ‘doll’, but we’re betting that a number of you remember owning, or at least wanting to own, the amazing cuddly alien called Alf.

Alf began life in an American sitcom that aired from 1986 until 1990, and although we don’t remember watching the TV show even once, we definitely remember longing to own the brilliant soft toy!