Do You Even Remember These 10 Discontinued McDonald’s Food Items?

Sometimes we like to think that the menu for McDonald’s has remained the same for as long as we can remember.  However, McDonald’s has made some changes over the years that you may not even recall.  If by chance your memory is jogged by this list presented below then perhaps you can begin an online campaign to bring back that tasty food item that you seem to have forgotten all about until now. Unless, of course, it’s not worth the effort. Let’s see:

1. Arch Deluxe.

This was suppose to give the hamburger an upgrade by adding a circular piece of peppered bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, inions, ketchup and ‘secret’ sauce.  It was a major flop.

2. McLean Deluxe.

For those on a low-fat diet.  Nobody wanted it.  Who comes to McDonald’s to diet?

3. McSalad Shakers.

Well, if you do diet at McDonald’s, this was supposed to keep you coming back for more.  However, not many people did.

4. McDonald’s Chicken Fajitas.

Another diet food flop.  Hopefully, they got the hint after this one that nobody goes to McDonald’s and attempts to eat well.

5. Onion Nugget.

Well, that’s more like it!  Unfortunately, they didn’t last either.

6. McLobster.

The only thing worse than trusting McDonald’s to feed you good food was trusting them to feed you seafood!

7. McJordan Special.

This Michael Jordan sandwich was supposed to convince us that even athletes eat there.

8. McHotdog.

Just stick with what you know! Instead, they did this:

9. McDLT.

This was served up in a tray that separated the hot from the cold.  Pretty neat!

10. McPizza.

If you can imagine a bad pizza then chances are, you are imagining this one.  It was horrible!  No way. Never again.