Nostalgia can be painful. Granted, it often fills our stomach with delightful feelings of wonderful days gone by, reminding us time of times when we could live completely in the moment, not having a care in the world or a single worry to our name. But the pain comes when we’re reminded of wonderful things that we’re never again going to have a chance to experience, and that is none more prevalent than when it comes to food.

Below are 10 foods that are tragically no longer available for us to consume, so join us in starting a petition to get every single one of these yummy items reinstated into our supermarkets!

10. 54321 Chocolate Bars

Who remembers happily scoffing a delicious 54321 chocolate bar when they were a kid? It was of course made up of five different parts: wafer, fondant, rice krispie, caramel and milk chocolate, and boy did we love them!

Sadly, 54321 bars were discontinued all the way back in 1989, but we’re sure you all still remember the brilliant TV advert that promoted them!

9. Extra Thin Ice Sheets

We bet that seeing a picture of these Extra Thin Ice Sheets has taken you right back to your youth!

An innovative way to freshen your breath, some thought they would eventually replace chewing gum, but sadly they seem to have disappeared completely!

8. Toffo Sweets

Surely one of the greatest sweets of our childhood, so we can’t understand for the life of us why Toffo sweets were taken off our shelves back in 2008.

Granted, they took a few teeth with them, but as kids we happily chewed on them all day long, postponing the dentist related grief until later!

7. Potato Puff Crisps

There can’t be an Eighties Kids among us that didn’t try at least one Potato Puff crisp when they were a child.

Delicious, despite being made up of about 90% air, Potato Puffs were sadly removed from our store shelves for good in 2009.

6. Kellogg’s Ricicles

Of all the breakfast cereals no longer available to purchase, Ricicles were our absolute favourite, and we bet that many of you would agree.

Sadly they contained an unhealthy amount of sugar, which eventually forced Kellogg’s to remove them from production.

5. White Chocolate Digestives

What could be better than munching on a Chocolate Digestive Biscuit? Why, munching on a White Chocolate Digestive Biscuit of course!

Why these are no longer available for us to add to our Supermarket trolley we have no idea, because we’d buy a box full!

4. Pizza Flavoured Cheese Strings

Whilst we’re well aware that Cheese Strings are still extremely prevalent in our local store, there was one flavour that hasn’t been seen for decades.

Because, believe it or not, there was once a Pizza Flavoured Cheese String, and whilst we never got to try one ourselves, we sure would have loved to!

3. Fiendish Feet Yoghurts

Normally yoghurts weren’t exciting at all. But yoghurts within delightfully fiendish monsters that were able to stand on their own two feet were absolutely amazing!

Fiendish feet was initially sold in four flavours: Spooky Wooky (Banana), Fangs a Lot (Strawberry), Frank ‘n’ Stein (Raspberry), and Rattle ‘n’ Roll (Chocolate), but more varieties were introduced as time went on.

2. Fuse Chocolate Bars

Fuse chocolate bars consisted of nuts, raisins, rice crispies and fudge, surrounded by Cadbury’s delicious milk chocolate.

Unfortunately Cadbury decided to discontinue them in 2006, although we do vaguely remember seeing a special edition around 5 years ago.

1. Billy Bear Ham

Massive slices of ham definitely aren’t as popular as they once were, especially because the ones shaped into a bear’s face no longer seem to be available!