If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Chocolate Bars are the greatest invention of modern times. Not only do they taste absolutely wonderful, but they also give us a real pick-me-up, providing us with enough extra energy to get us through the rest of our busy day.

Due to the vast amount of choice we’re faced with when we hit a Newsagents or Supermarket looking to purchase a tasty chocolate treat, it’s easy to forget how many chocolate bars we enjoyed in years gone buy are no longer available. Below are 10 of our very favourite discontinued chocolate bars, so be sure to post a comment letting us know one, which your very favourite was, and two, which bar we should have included on the list!

1. Time Out

A recent poll revealed that Cadbury’s Time Out was found to be the most missed chocolate bar of them all. We’re sure that like us you were extremely angry when Cadbury decided to discontinue Time Out in favour of their new ‘Time Out Wafer’ back in 2016. And we’re not alone, because another poll revealed that 71% of us preferred the old version!

2. 54321

Do you remember the gorgeous 54321 bar? As the name suggested, it was made up of five different delicious parts: wafer, fondant, rice krispie, caramel and milk chocolate. 54321 bars were discontinued all the way back in 1989, but we’re sure you can all still sing the brilliant TV advert that promoted them!

3. Five Centres

Fry’s Five Centres was discontinued in 1992 after originally hitting shelves all the way back in 1924, and we for one really miss them. You were faced with a Russian roulette of either raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, lime or coffee (yuck!) flavour in these delightful dairy free chocolate squares.

4. Dream

Like us you may be shocked to hear that Cadbury decided to discontinue their Dream bar simply because it wasn’t popular enough! And you may decide to emigrate when you find out that this delicious bar is still available to purchase in both Australia and New Zealand, where it is still extremely popular to this day.

5. Taz

Do you remember the day when, for the paltry amount 10p, you could choose between a Freddo or a Taz bar? Sadly the little frog won the popularity contest, and the Taz version was discontinued.

6. Fuse

The Fuse bar consisted of nuts, raisins, rice crispies and fudge, surrounded by Cadbury’s delicious milk chocolate. Sadly the chocolate manufacturer decided to discontinue it in 2006, although a special edition was briefly released in 2015.

7. Wispa Mint

Whilst you can still get your hands on a Wispa and a Wispa Gold, we would love to see the return of the delicious Wispa Mint bar.

8. Texan

Do you remember the Texan bar? You may not as it was discontinued all the way back in 1984, although you might have seen it return to shop shelves briefly as a special edition in 2005.

9. Aztec

Aztec bars are another treat that you may not remember, seeing as they were most popular back in the 1970s. But the older ones among you will still be able to taste this nougat filled treat, and it’s one that we personally would love to see back on the shelves.

10. Secret

It’s no secret that many of us were massive fans of Rowntree’s Secret bar, that was sadly discontinued in the 90s. It consisted of a creamy mousse centre wrapped in chocolate with a distinctive gold coloured wrapper.

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