10 Computer Games We All Loved As Kids

The 80s were times to cherish and one of the reasons were because of the introduction of computers to the public. Although they were quite archaic compared to what we have today, they still offered a certain amount of entertainment that we will never forget. Especially when we were allowed to play those ever so addicting video games! Yes every once in a while mum and dad would allow us to jump on the computer and play some games!

So which games were your favourite? Was it Paperboy? Or maybe it was Dizzy? Whatever it might have been, take a look at the list below and get ready for a dose of some serious nostalgia!

1. Paperboy

We had fun with this one in the arcade so when it came out for the computer it was pure heaven!

2. Daley Thompson’s Decathlon

Who else broke a couple joysticks playing this one before realizing that playing it with the keys was way easier?

3. Chuckie Egg

Were you able to collect the 12 eggs before the timer wore out?

4. Head Over Heels

By combining the abilities of the two Head and Heels, you were able to complete this fun-filled puzzle game.

5. Dizzy

Helping Dizzy save his family was fun and tricky.

6. Horace Goes Skiing

This was one of my first on the spectrum 48.

7. Outrun

Who didn’t love this classic arcade racer game?

8. Manic Miner

This was a fun one controlling Willy as he retrieved all the flashing objects before the timer ran out.

9. R-Type

Best side scroller shooting game ever made!

10. Boulder Dash

Helping Rockford dig through the caves and collect all the gems was fun all the way around.