10 Clothing Items You Might Have Had in Your Wardrobe!

How many of you will admit to having some of these items of clothing lurking in your closet in the 80s? We know that fashion trends were not subtle at all! So who is brace enough?

1. The Shell Suit

When you think on the 80s you think of this:

2. Pump Up Trainers

Everyone wanted a pair! Did you have one?

3. The Sweater Show Sweater

Always bright and bold!

4. The Reversible Jumper

Easily change up your look.

5. The Ski Jacket

These were made for so much more than just the slopes.

6. Ski Pants

Not very fashionable…

7. Acid Wash Denim

Plain denim was just too boring…

8. Character Print Jeans

Didn’t like the acid wash jeans? How about putting your favorite character on them instead?

9. United Colors Of Benetton Clothes

Very popular store in the 80s.

10. Global Hypercolor T-Shirts

Not sure what to think about this one…