Back in the 90s, we couldn’t wait to get out of school to come home and watch some of our favorite cartoons. It’s probably hard for kids today understand how important these afternoon hours were because this was the only time we could watch these fantastic shows! For that reason, we would rush home to see them. It was the perfect ending to a long day. Take a look:

1. Gargoyles.

This first begin in 1994 and the gargoyles were taken to New York from medieval Scotland and remained as stone statues. That is, of course, until they were awakened to fight evil that threatened them and their new home.

2. Darkwing Duck.

At night, this duck turned into a crime-fighting, ‘Darkwing Duck’ who fought super villains and criminals that threatened his home town.

3. Captain Planet.

This classic character was now a cartoon that began in 1990 as ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’. His next show came out in 1993 and it was called ‘The New Adventures of Captain Planet’.


4. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers.

This was a great show with our favorite characters who were kicking it up a notch in this adventurous cartoon.

5. Reboot.

This was one of the first to be completely computer-animated and it fascinated us! The characters completed computers games to save the computer from viruses.

6. Goof Troop.

Another classic and loveable character comes back to life in this show which focused on the relationship between Goofy and his son Max. It even spawned a spin-off movie ‘A Goofy Movie’.

7. TaleSpin.

This took a lot of our favorite cartoons and put a new spin on them. It only aired for one year but during that time it gave us 65 amazing episodes!

8. Rugrats.

This show was amazing! It was done through the perspective of these tiny tots and they managed to have epic adventures in their everyday lives. It was so popular, it even had its own movie, ‘The Rugrats Movie’ in 1998.

9. Hey Arnold!

This was all about being in the 4th grade and living in the city. He was often teased by Helga for having a ‘Football Head’ but he also had plenty of friends that didn’t seem to mind at all!

10. The Magic School Bus.

This show was watched by everyone! It was all about a teacher who took her class on field trips in this magic school bus to fantastic places!