10 Candies That You Probably Missed Out On In The 80s & 90s

It’s hard to believe that we didn’t get our hands on EVERY piece of candy available to us back then.  However, I suppose you can say that there were just too many especially when they popped up for promotional purposes and didn’t last very long.  We couldn’t possibly hunt them all down! So, here are some of those candies that you probably never had a chance to try before they were gone. Take a look:

1. Max Headroom candy filled head.

This guy was getting so popular that they made this candy in his honor.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to try it.

2. Garfield Stripes.

While not technically a candy, most bubble gums had so much sugar in them that it’s fair to put them in this category.

3. Jumbo Nerds.

Just regular Nerds were good enough. Not everyone went out to buy the Jumbo Nerds.

4. Black Widow.

This was a tube of sour powder that I never managed to get my hands on.

5. Sunny’s Yummy Mummies.

These crunchy candy stix never made it to the shelves of my grocery store!  At least, not that I can remember.  .  .

6. Boogers Gummy Candy.

Gross! No wonder nobody wanted to try this!  Especially this flavor.

7. Garbage Can-dy.

Wow, they really went all out to try to sell us this garbage.

8. Hamburger candy.

A chewy hamburger-shaped candy that tasted nothing like hamburgers.

9. Candilicious.

There were plenty of chewy candies to choose from in the past.  This probably didn’t make anyone’s list.

10. Super Mario Bros. Chocolate n’ Crisp.

This sounds delicious but I don’t remember trying it at all!